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Nordøst og nordvestpassasjen på èn sesong!

Two sailboats have completed both the North East and North West Passage. The sailboats Peter I and Northern Passage both reached the Eastern entrance to Lancaster Sound this week. After leaving Norway earlier this summer they have completed both the North East and North West Passage. Their aim is to sail around the pole, and [...]

Minimum Ice Extent.

(For norsk versjon se nedenfor) Minimum Sea Ice Extent was reached on September 10th, clearing both the North East and North West Passage.

Jotun Arctic is back in Norway

Jotun Arctic is returning home after 3,5 years of climate research in Arctic waters. After almost 2 weeks at sea the Norwegian coast rises over the horizon.

Crossing the Atlantic along the lines of nature

Crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat can be both tedious and hard. It can also be a trip filled with good winds and ocean currents going your way. Being small and vulnerable it is important to play along with the forces of nature. This ensures a fast passage, reduce the risk of bad weather and [...]

Mission completed – we are going home

We have completed what we came here for, and now we are returning home. After a couple of days of dismounting scientific equipment from the boat, we are finally ready to go home. During the last couple of weeks we have been able to accomplish what we came here for.

Tracking of icebergs

(For norsk versjon se nedenfor) Icebergs are like living organisms – they are born at the glacial front, they drift around in the sea and in the end they fall apart and deteriorate.