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We have arrived in Tasilaq

(For norsk versjon se nedenfor) The journey across the Denmark Straight has comed to an end and we have arrived in Tasilaq. The Denmark Strait between Iceland and the East Coast of Greenland has showed it self as it usually does – a bit of rain, a bit of fog, a small gale, some whales, [...]

Crew onboard Jotun Arctic

  Crew onboard Jotun Arctic at our departure from Iceland is Knut Espen Solberg, Erik Braarud and Fredrik Indrebø. When we arrive in Greenland Alexander Korbalev from Nansen Envrionmental Remote Sensing Center is comming onboard. Having a small, designated crew, all with their own special fields of expertise, make us capable to handle the differentiated [...]


(for norsk versjon se nedenfor) As the preparations were coming to an end Jotun Arctic departed Iceland on Monday, bound for the East Coast of Greenland. Outside the coast the sea ice has mainly melted. In the area were we are going to conduct our work, the Sermilik Fjord, 80% of the surface is still [...]

Oceans News Explorersweb

De utfordrende isforholdene i Arktis beskrives også hos Ocean News Explorersweb, ta en titt: Challenging ice conditions in the Arctic

Ice advice given to the super yacht Flyghtship

(For norsk versjon se nedenfor) As the Arctic is opening up even big super yachts are approaching the remote areas of the North West Passage. Yesterday I had dinner with the captain and owner of the New Zealand built Flyghtship in the harbor of Reykjavik. They were setting their course towards the ice infested waters [...]

Utfordrende isforhold

Det kan gå mot utfordrende isforhold i Arktis i sommer. Det er flere seilbåter som skal skal forsøke å gå igjennom Nordvest- og Nordøstpassasjen i år. Det er ikke gitt at de kommer igjennom. Les mer om isforholdene i Seilmagasinets artikkel: Utfordrende isforhold