Crew onboard Jotun Arctic

The crew onboard when Jotun Arctic left Iceland: Knut Espen Solberg, Erik Braarud and Fredrik Indrebø


Crew onboard Jotun Arctic at our departure from Iceland is Knut Espen Solberg, Erik Braarud and Fredrik Indrebø. When we arrive in Greenland Alexander Korbalev from Nansen Envrionmental Remote Sensing Center is comming onboard. Having a small, designated crew, all with their own special fields of expertise, make us capable to handle the differentiated challenges that are to be met in the Arctic. Being few people also gives us less room for arguments and more room for bacon. We are working on preparing a presentation of the different participants that is to be posted on the web page at a later stage.


  1. Olav says:

    Hils Fredrik.


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