Mission completed – we are going home

We have completed what we came here for, and now we are returning home.

After a couple of days of dismounting scientific equipment from the boat, we are finally ready to go home. During the last couple of weeks we have been able to accomplish what we came here for. We have conducted 157 CTD stations and collected 161 O18 samples, 24 salinity samples and 20 Alkalinity samples which will be sent for analysis.

Despite heavy ice conditions we were able to penetrate further into the fjord than any previous scientific expedition this year. We also did quite a bit of investigation in Johan Pettersens fjord with regards to the inflow of warm seawater. In this area this type of work has never previously been conducted.

We were only able to conduct one period of current measurements due to the heavy ice conditions. We were however able to mark a couple of icebergs with GPS’s and we also conducted time-lapse photography of the fjord to document the movement of the icebergs. Analyzing this material will give us a good indication on the governing current regime.

The population in the Angmassalik district has already started to feel the impacts of climate change. During our stay in the area we have conducted many interviews to help us understand the societies sensitivity and adaption strategy to handle the change in climate. Many of the observations of change are based on traditional knowledge and will later be compared with scientific data from the area.

Most importantly we have been able to conduct the work in a safe manner with no injuries or accidents. The only thing left is to cover the 1500 nautical miles across the North Atlantic, back to Norway.

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