Jotun Arctic is back in Norway

Jotun Arctic is back in Norway after many years abroad

Jotun Arctic is returning home after 3,5 years of climate research in Arctic waters.

After almost 2 weeks at sea the Norwegian coast rises over the horizon. Since our departure from Greenland we have covered about 1500 nautical miles, eating mainly bacon and oatmeal porridge. The passage has unfolded it selves according to the plan. We were able to stay in front of a high pressure system on the way across the North Sea, giving us stable NorthWesterly winds.

Working our way through the inshore Norwegain waterway is a always a shocking experience when arriving from the Arctic – every shoal is marked, there are light houses on every major island and the smell of sheep and vegetation fills the air.

On Saturday morning on the 04.09 we will be back in Asker where we departed more than 3 years ago – the circle will be closed.

When we get home the real scientific work begins, and the data material is to be analyzed.

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  1. Michel CLAR says:

    I have been a little moment on board of Jotun Arctic in Sermilik with Erik and Inge.
    Nice boat, nice crew.

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