Two days left until departure!

Our new vessel has been acquired in Newfoundland. It is currently undergoing a major refit to comply with our needs in the high North

A shelter with cabins and laboratories is being built on the aft deck and all onboard systems are being overhauled. The work is done at the Jackson’s Shipyard at Trinity Bay as they are experts on sealers and small vessels operating in cold climate.

This year we are to reach the Northern Polynia, an open water patch between the North-Western tip of Greenland and Ellesmere Island. This is an area full of wildlife where we are to do our ecosystem assessment. We only have a short time window. We need to get there while there is still a lot of sea ice to assess the migration patterns of whales. With less than a week to go before our departure our lists of things we need to have done is only getting longer and longer, and at times we are worried we will not get ready in time.

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