Upgrading the vessel Arctic Endeavour for Arctic operations

After 30 hours of travel Hans Martin and Knut Espen arrive in Whiteway, Newfoundland. The vessel has undergone a major refit to comply with the needs required when sailing in the the Arctic.

Most of of electrical wiring (both AC/DC) has been replaced and an extra generator (giving us a total of 2 generators in addition to the inverters) have been installed. In the cargo hold we have mounted 3 additional diesel-tanks giving us a range of about 5 000 nautical miles. In the cargo hold we have also installed a deep freezer and constructed a small workshop to help us be self supported in the remote corners of the Arctic. Being self supported and having several independent systems increases the redundancy. For example for communication we have installed a Fleet 55 sat phone from Fleetcom in addition to an Iridium phone and VHF/HF radios.

The engine has been overhauled, including replacing all drive belts and filters, and heaters have been installed in all essential compartments. To minimize the risk of propane leaks we have replaced the old propane stove with a completely new one. Hans Martin has overhauled the hydraulic systems and rigged our new sails which were provided from Kiwi Sails in Kristiansand.

Hopefully all our efforts will result in a reduced probability of accidents and increase the chance of the expedition being a success. We were supposed to depart Nowfoundland on Monday, but as our worklist only seems to be getting longer we will probably delay our departure by a day or two.

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