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Gratulerer med dagen Hans Martin!

En tredveårs dag utenom det vanlige, men ikke noe dårligere av den grunn. Med 30 år og mangfoldige tusen nautiske mil på baken er Hans Martin ikke lengre noen ung-sau. Den store dagen ble startet med en nattevakt og mens vi begge stod å stirret inn i tåkebankene sier plutselig ipaden «ping». Jeg titter på [...]

Upgrading the vessel Arctic Endeavour for Arctic operations

After 30 hours of travel Hans Martin and Knut Espen arrive in Whiteway, Newfoundland. The vessel has undergone a major refit to comply with the needs required when sailing in the the Arctic.

Nordøst og nordvestpassasjen på èn sesong!

Two sailboats have completed both the North East and North West Passage. The sailboats Peter I and Northern Passage both reached the Eastern entrance to Lancaster Sound this week. After leaving Norway earlier this summer they have completed both the North East and North West Passage. Their aim is to sail around the pole, and [...]

Minimum Ice Extent.

(For norsk versjon se nedenfor) Minimum Sea Ice Extent was reached on September 10th, clearing both the North East and North West Passage.

Rescue operation

(For norsk versjon se nedenfor) While we were in the Sermilik fjord another Norwegian sailboat (50 feet) Fiesta called us on the radio. They were having problems with their gear, and had lost their propulsion. At the moment they were very close to the shore, and there was a lot of current. Being the only [...]

Animals adapting?

(for norsk versjon se nedenfor) During the time spent in Tasilaq we have interviewed several local people to investigate how they preceive climate change, and how they adapt to this change. Many people have strong opinions about the effect of climate change on nature. Some say the animals already has adapted. The Greenland-seal has traditionally [...]